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Dear Parents and Family,

It is truly an honour to warmly welcome you and your child to our Preschool and Playschool as the Principal of Nobel.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge with thanks and gratitude our highly qualified, dedicated and experienced team of educators, and, may I say how delighted we are as a team to share this journey with you and your child. 

For us as educators there is no greater reward than watching our children progress and become confident and thriving young scholars in our learning environment. Here at Nobel we have created a happy, secure and caring environment in which your child will flourish. We provide the best care and opportunities to learn, and, we pride ourselves on delivering a very bright future for all of our students as they grow and develop their competencies with us.

There has been a significant advance in scientific research in the last thirty years in the fields of neurobiological, behavioural and social influences on young children that shows how very important a broad, stimulating and active learning environment is in maximising development during the early years of a child’s life. children are constantly developing through the learning process.

Preschool is the first step in a child’s outside-home learning, and it is integral to boosting and balancing the Knowledge, Social, Emotional and Personal Development of the child. The first days of preschool can be daunting for children, but it does not take long for connections to be made with classmates and teachers and soon all anxiety vanishes.

Our experienced teaching team builds a strong foundation for learning and languages. Language being our primary focus as without an expanding vocabulary it is difficult to put our feelings and more complex thoughts into words. Our dynamic and tailored approach offers each child a cheerful atmosphere and safe environment to explore their inquisitive nature through STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). 

Every child is unique, with special social, emotional, intellectual, and physical qualities. At Nobel we pride ourselves on discovering and cultivating the interests and unique talents of each child. Our future-focused learning approach enables our students to become critical thinkers, smart consumers of information, problem solvers, and, more importantly have the confidence to engage and exchange in productive dialogue.

“We lead by learning together” is the heart of Nobel ’s vision.We encourage our students to think independently and solve problems through a range of fun activities and play. 

We are very proud in seeing our children growing the skills needed in life. Learning through directed and stimulating activity with their peers is of paramount importance. Through working together, sharing and problem solving the children form lasting friendships and are learning invaluable lessons in how to cooperate with others and learn through child initiated play, equipping them with the lifelong skills so necessary for their future!

With very best wishes,

Yours faithfully,

Aileen Wan
Principal of Hong Kong Nobel Preschool



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