At our school we use Letterland (phonics), Oxford Learning Tree (reading course), Cambridge University Press (English) and Cambridge Young Learner English (YLE) to help inspire, teach and spark interest in language studies for our students. Through stories, songs, games and other activities, we create an all-round holistic approach to learning how to recognize and blend letters. We also employ the parent-child reading scheme to help spark children’s interest in reading and enhance their reading ability.

Multiple Intelligence Day

On the weekly Multiple Intelligence Day, we help children learn through different carefully chosen activities including: primary interview class, visual art, music, sport, life education, story reading and science etc.

Arts & Sport

Physical activities are important for children to help develop their motor control and social interaction with other children. Our comprehensive course provides different types of physical activities, interactive training games and competitions.

After school programme,
Competitions & Public Examinations

To develop children’s self-confidence and widen their horizons, we provide different competitive activities. We encourage children to participate in different competitions, and offer different public examination courses for parents to choose for their children.

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